On Choosing Cloud Storage Providers

Needless to say, cloud computing is one of the top growing sectors in technology. Cloud storage is a major segment of this emerging market. Presently, there are many cloud storage providers and in fact, more and more companies are entering the market that includes giants like Google and Amazon. Cloud storage is defined as a kind of storage wherein data is stored in a virtual server network that is managed by a third party. A few important things you need to consider while hiring a cloud storage provider:

Online Cloud back up

  • Decide on how much space is needed for your online cloud back up. This is crucial as it allows you to calculate your real cost per GB as well as it will help you select a provider and a plan that fulfills your requirements at the most competitive price. It must also be noted that provided you need limited space, there are many free cloud storage services available that provide up to 50GB free space.
  • Pricing is clearly a significant consideration. Find out if the provider provides you fixed price plans or pay as you go plans.
  • Compatibility is another important decision making aspect. If you want to access your files from a number of different platforms and devices, knowing the number and kinds of platforms supported by the provider is crucial.
  • Security is easily one of the key concerns of cloud storage users and it is justifiable. You have to verify if the provider will encrypt your stored files and if yes what sort of encryption they will use.
  • Support is another remarkable factor to consider. Nevertheless, we get to experience how good or bad a service provider’s support is only after we become their client. In order to find about the support services of cloud storage providers earlier, research for some reviews of the companies you are taking into account.

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